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Nita Ambani’s 2024 Luxe Lineup: Unveiling Her Top 5 Most Expensive Assets

Nita Ambani’s 2024 Luxe Lineup: Unveiling Her Top 5 Most Expensive Assets

Nita Ambani, is the director of Reliance Industries and founder of the Dhirubhai Ambani School. Nita Ambani is married to Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries. With their family assets, the Ambani’s are the richest in India and even across the globe. Nita Ambani is one among the richest business women in Asia. In this article we will unveil Nita Ambani’s Top 5 Most Expensive Assets.

Nita Ambani Networth

The Ambani Family has a total networth of $116.1 billion. Nita Ambani, individually has approximately a networth of $3 billion which is around Rs. 24,856 crore approximately. Nita Ambani earns mostly through the shares in her husband Mukesh Ambani’s company, Reliance Industries Ltd. Nita Ambani is also part of the Reliance Foundation and actively participate in donations through the Reliance Foundation.

Nita Ambani is a best example of being a successful businesswoman aswellas of taking care of his husband’s business.

Nita Ambani Top 5 Assets

Nita Ambani owns a lists of luxurious amenities. Taking a look at her Top 5 Assets.

1. ANTILIA – Nita Ambani owns the most luxurious and modern home, Antilia in Mumbai India. The house costs approximately $2 billion and is considered one of the most expensive houses in the world. The house is named after an island of the Atlantic Ocean Antilia. Antilia is a 27 story house, with all great amenities including 168-car garage, 9 high-speed lifts, home theatre, terrace gardens, swimming pool,a snow room, spa, temple and much more.

2. CAR COLLECTION – Nita Ambani’s love for car, can be seen through her luxurious car collection. Nita Ambani’s car collection includes Audi A9 Chameleon which costs Rs 90 crores. Nita Ambani also owns Mercedes Benz S class, Roll Royce Phantom, Bentley Flying Spur, and many more to add on her collection.

3. IPL TEAM – Nita Ambani owns an Indian Premiere League IPL Team, Mumbai Indian. The team is worth around 10,070 crore approximately Mumbai Indian are among the most valuable team in the IPL with record of winning 5 times  IPL under the captaincyof Rohit Sharma. The Ambani’s earns through its sponsorship, ticket and advertisement. The Mumbai Indian Team, is the most profitable team and taken new heights in Nita Ambani’s business which adds to her asset.

4. JWELLERY – Nita  Ambani’s jewellery collection has always been a talk of the town. Nita Ambani’s jewellery are designed from all parts of the world.  Nita Ambani’s jewellery collection ranges from Diamond,  Emerald, Traditional Gold Jewellery,  and all other precious gems. Recently Nita Ambani at her son Anant Ambani and daughter in law Radhika Merchant’s pre weeding celebration wore a green emerald necklace which costs around Rs. 500 crore.

Nita Ambani  has a separate private jet collection of her own. Nita Ambani owns  Business Jet 2, Falcon 900EX, Airbus 319 Corporate Jet etc. In 2007, Nita Ambani was gifted her private jet by her husband Mukesh Ambani of Rs 240 crore.

Nita Ambani despite her extravagant assests is still down to earth person and contributes most of her earnings in charitable funds. Nita Ambani along with her husband Mukesh Ambani run Reliance Foundation which caters more than 55,400 villages. Nita Ambani is committed in making great medical care in affordable manner available to all.


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