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Mukesh Ambani gifted the world’s most expensive car for his wife.

Nita entered the conversation about her most dearest pastime. It is known that Mukesh Ambani’s house has more than one priceless thing in the world . 
In such a situation, you can guess for yourself what their expensive hobbies are. Nita Ambani is said to be very fond of expensive vehicles and owns the most expensive car. 
Meanwhile, most highlighted news of nowadays is – Mukesh Ambani has gifted his wife Nita a priceless car which is being talked about everywhere.
 Mukesh Ambani gifted this luxurious car from abroad for his wife Nita . This car is Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge a special edition specially made by Mukesh Ambani himself.   
If you talk about the price of this car, then It is said that The base price of the car, is 10 crore . when firstly it was launched in 2018, was Rs 6.95 crore, but auto industry experts said customized modifications would have raised the price substantially.
. Apart from this, Mukesh also gave additional money to bring this car from abroad to the country. They have or owned the most expensive cars like Rolls Royce
Mercedes Benz
Mukesh Ambani and his super luxury cars have always been a visual treat for enthusiasts whenever they are seen plying the roads of Mumbai as part of the Z+ security convoy.
Now India’s richest man has added one Rolls-Royce Cullinan to his car collection.. In a recent video posted by ‘CS 12 Vlogs’ on YouTube, Mukesh Ambani’s new Tuscan tan Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge Edition is seen. And this time it is the more expensive and exclusive Black Badge Edition of the SUV that he gifted to his wife Nita Ambani. 
The Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge costs Rs 8.2 crore ex-showroom and around Rs 10 crore on-road without additional customization options .
Everyone dreams of buying an Audi car, but because of it’s price . Most of us can’t offord it If we talk about the richest woman of India. Then. Most expensive things owned by Nita’s Ambani are :
1. Gems in Nita Ambaniand’s jewelery collection include rubies, emeralds and diamonds. As a wedding gift, Nita Ambani gifted Akash Ambani’s wife Bahu Shloka Mehta with a diamond necklace that cost more than 450 million rupees. 
2. Nita Ambani has a luxurious collection of lehengas and sarees in a million dollar wardrobe. One of the outfits was Nita Ambania’s sari, which won the title of the world’s most expensive sari after it cost more than 40 lakhs. 
3 . Nita Ambani enjoys a cup of tea in a mug made by Japan’s oldest ceramic manufacturer, Noritek. Each cup in this antique teapot costs more than 3 lakh rupees. The entire teapot from the Japanese antique tableware company costs more than 1.5 billion rupees.
4. Nita Ambani’s expensive shoes include YSL’s most expensive high heels. The prices of her heels go up to Rs 76,000. 
5. Mrs. Ambani has an extensive collection of the world’s most expensive lipsticks, many of which are extremely rare. price tags, whether he attends business meetings or family gatherings.


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