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Anil Ambani Son: Read who is the children of Anil Ambani and what they are doing now!

Anil Ambani Son: Read who is the children of Anil Ambani and what they are doing now!

In the world of Indian business, Ambani is a name that connotes power, wealth and controversy. The media has focused on the turbulent financial journey of Anil Ambani, the younger brother of Mukesh Ambani and bankrupt billionaire. However, amid the chaos, the Ambani family members who still hold a mystery are his sons: Jai Anmol Ambani and Jai Anshul Ambani.

Let us read about Anil Ambani’s son and what they are doing now
Jai Anmol Ambani

Jai Anmol Ambani, the eldest son of Anil Ambani and the nephew of Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man. Born into a family synonymous with success and fortune, Jai Anmol is tasked with filling his grandfather’s larger-than-life shoes and carrying on the formidable Ambani legacy.

From his childhood to his high-profile marriage and professional achievements, here’s everything you need to know about him.

Early Life
Jai Anmol Ambani, born on December 12, 1991, had a privileged upbringing rooted in academic excellence. He went to Cathedral and John Connon Schools in Mumbai, then Seven Oaks School in the United Kingdom. Jai Anmol decided to further his education and earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from the Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom.

High profile weeding
Jai Anmol Ambani recently married Khrisha Shah, a union that captivated media attention, adding to his list of notable milestones. The lavish wedding took place at Sea Wind, the Ambani family’s home in Mumbai’s exclusive Cuffe Parade neighbourhood. The star-studded event, which was attended by a slew of celebrities, quickly became the talk of the town.

Net Worth and Taste for Luxury
According to Jagran, Jai Anmol Ambani has amassed considerable wealth at a relatively young age, with a reported net worth of $3.3 billion (Rs 20,000 crore). He not only has a flair for business, but he also enjoys the finer things in life. Jai Anmol, a well-known car enthusiast, has a collection that includes luxury vehicles such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Lamborghini Gallardo. According to rumours, he even owns private jets and helicopters that he uses for business travel.

Experience in the Reliance Empire
Jai Anmol Ambani’s professional journey began at the age of 18 with a summer internship at Reliance Mutual Fund. During this time, he learned a lot about the company and the industry. This experience paved the way for him to join Reliance Mutual Fund in 2014 and later move up the ranks of the Reliance Group.

Jai Anshul Ambani

Jai Anshul Ambani, younger son of Anil Ambani, is a man of many dimensions. Despite the prominent position of his family in the business world, he  managed to keep a low profile and avoid the media glare that follows the name Ambani. However, behind this veil of secrecy lies a young man with an exciting personality and a promising future.


Jai Anshul Ambani’s academic achievements have not gone unnoticed, despite his preference for privacy. The younger Ambani has a brilliant education, he graduated from an  American school. He also holds an undergraduate degree from New York University’s prestigious Stern School of Business, which strengthens his foundation in the world of business and finance.

Car Collection
Jai Anshul Ambani who craves luxury, has an impressive car collection  that includes a Mercedes GLK350, Lamborghini Gallardo, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Range Rover Vogue and a Lexus SUV. In addition, it has a set of airplanes including the Bombardier Global Express XRS, Bell 412 helicopter, Falcon 2000 and Falcon 7X. However, unlike his father, Jai Anshul prefers to keep a low profile, staying away from the spotlight and paparazzi.

Presence in Reliance Empire
According to recent reports, Jai Anshul is poised to take on significant responsibilities within the Reliance family empire. Rumours suggest that he will take key positions at Reliance Mutual Fund and Reliance Capital, cementing his presence in the business world and contributing to the growth of the Ambani legacy.

In his personal life, Jai Anshul lives with his parents, Anil and Tina Ambani, in their Sea Wind home. His close relationship with his uncle, Mukesh Ambani, the prominent business tycoon, as well as his cousins Akash, Anant, and Isha Ambani, has sparked speculation in the media.


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