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Jerry Baldwin Age, Net Worth, Biography, Starbucks, Family, and More

Jerry Baldwin Age, Net Worth, Biography, Starbucks, Family, and More

Jerry Baldwin Age, Personal Life, and Career

Jerry Baldwin was born on Sunday, November 15, 1942 in San Francisco, California, United States. He is 80 years old. He is one of the founder of largest and famous coffee cafe “Starbucks” it was founded together with Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker in Seattle in 1971. Coffee trade was learned by him from Alfred Peet. Alfred Peet coffee store Peet’s Coffee & Tea, was an inspiration to start “Starbucks”. During, the first year of Starbucks, they used to purchase roasted coffee beans from Peet’s store. 

In 1984, Peet’s store was led for the sale. At that Jerry Baldwin combine a group of investors to purchased the company. He sold his interest in Starbucks in year 1987. He was the chairman of Peet’s till 2001, until the company became publicly traded company. 
He is an American businessman, and the co-founder of Starbucks. According to his LinkedIn profile, He was the proprietor of J.Baldwin Ranch from October 2000 – October 2021. He was the president and CEO of Peet’s Coffee & Tea from 1984 – 1994, In same he was chairman between 1994 – 2001, He is board of directors of Peet’s Coffee & Tea from October 1984 to Present. He is director of Techno Service, Inc from May 2000. His nationality is American. 

 Full Name 

 Jerry Baldwin 

 Birth Date 

 15 November 1942

 Birth Place

 San Francisco, California, United States 




 Not Know 

 San Francisco University 

 Education Qualification



 Father – Will Update 


 Mother – Will Update 


 Marital status


 Will update 


 Will Update 


 Height (approximately) 

 Weight (approximately) 

 Hair (Colour) 

 Eye (Colour) 


 5 Feet – 10Inch

 70 Kilograms 














 Didn’t Know

 Not known 

 Not Known 

 Don’t Know

 Not mentioned





 Living Place/Current City 

 San Francisco, California, United States 


 Founder of Starbucks, Jerry Baldwin 



Jerry Baldwin Net Worth

According to different sources avilable on Internet, Jerry Baldwin Net Worth is estimated to be US $36 Million. He founded the organization Baldwin Wines and Starbucks. 

Jerry Baldwin Education

He studied from University of San Francisco, located in San Francisco, California United States. We will update about with you more about Jerry Baldwin family details, when we will find it. 


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